Minnesota Youth Media

Minnesota Youth Media presents a Screenwriting and Media Production Workshop to middle school age classes in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities.

The workshop will introduce students to the elements of screenwriting, media production and allow the students to present their work in a public film festival.

Through the Screenwriting and Media Production Workshop students will explore the many aspects of media production including: Screenwriting, story telling, reading, photography, lighting, design, sound, music, editing and media distribution.

During the Media Production Workshop students will learn the fundamentals of media pre-production and production. The students will create a short film working together as a class. Students will also be encouraged to produce short films based on their scripts outside of class between the production and post-production workshop.

During the final week of the workshop students will explore the aspects of post-production. Students will use this time to edit their outside project, adding sound and music.

The completed films will be presented to the school community at a Student Film Festival.

During the workshop students will produce and edit their own short films. The projects can be narrative, documentary, experimental or another format. Students are encouraged to think about the message they are communicating how it’s communicated, aesthetics, self-expression and character emotion.

Mission and history

Minnesota Youth Media is a new organization – with hopes to grow the program to reach more students in the near future.

The mission of Minnesota Youth Media is to introduce students to the art and craft of media production, by engaging students in creative self-expression and helping them explore the tools to bring their vision to a wide audience. The undercurrent is to build a passion for

For more information about Minnesota Youth Media contact Chris Macgowan

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