Minnesota Youth Media presents a Screenwriting and Media Production Workshop to middle school age classes in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding communities.

The workshop will introduce students to the elements of screenwriting, media production and allow the students to present their work in a public film festival.

The workshops are organized and performed by the following Teaching Filmmakers.

Jennifer Hays

Jennifer coordinates the workshop with the prospective schools and manages the film festival for the student productions. She has written, produced and directed two short films.

Monte Swann

Monte is a Teaching Filmmaker with a focus on the production and post-production workshops.

Monte is a documentary filmmaker and media producer. He is driven by an intense interest in the human experience, and enjoys the magic of an editing room almost as much as the magic of a one on one interview.

Monte has extensive experience producing video for both narrative and documentary film as well as short form fund-raising and educational productions. His skills include interviewing subjects and working with the director of photography to determine camera location and angle. Shooting video and recording sound. Editing, color correction and sound sweetening as well as final output for multiple formats.

Studied filmmaking and photography at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Sev Pearman

Sev is a Teaching Filmmaker with a focus on the production and post-production workshops.

Sev has created lighting for film and video for over 25 years, working on documentaries, music videos and feature films . His clients include Dateline, 20/20, National Geographic, PBS American Masters. Feature film credits include the Mighty Ducks series, North Country, Grumpy Old Men and Fargo.

A long time advocate of teaching and mentoring, Sev has taught lighting for film and video at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. He also teaches motorcycle instruction for the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Council, where he is beginning his 14th year. A graduate of Highland Park Senior High, Sev and his family live in St. Paul where his daughter attends St. Paul Public Schools.

Chris Macgowan

Chris is a Teaching Filmmaker with a focus on the screenwriting, production and post-production workshops.

Chris is a media producer and software engineer. Chris’s two son’s attend Linwood Monroe Arts Plus. Chris has been involved in LMAP since 2005 in many volunteer teaching capacities including: Overview of SCUBA, Weather Technology, Berlin History – Before and After the Wall and a Screenwriting Workshop. Chris is also credited with sound engineer for various LMAP stage productions.

Chris started working in media production in 1994. Chris has completed numerous film and video productions for various organizations. He has written, produced and directed three short films. The films have screened at the Philadelphia International Film Festival, Humboldt International Film Festival, Independent Feature Film Market and Chicago International Film Festival.

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